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Who we are

We are a specialist consultancy that offers inclusive recruitment audits and advisory services to law firms, in order to improve each stage of their recruitment process. We take the time to help firms understand what works, what does not and how to improve their recruitment procedures. In doing this, firms avoid repeating poor practice, wasting money and alienating candidates. Our service is bespoke, it does not aim to put a firm in a particular box or category and does not seek to apply generic parameters to your recruitment function. By spending time with your team, we are able to work with them to assess current processes and recommend changes with your recruitment agenda and goals. This is at the heart of everything we do.


Legal Recruitment Service that revolves around your FIRM'S needs

What we do

This audit process covers a full and detailed audit of all existing processes, documentation and data in order to build a picture of the current landscape of the firm’s recruitment process. It also includes, key personnel interviews, process observation and an onsite presence in order to gain first-hand perspective.

Our service can extend beyond the initial audit. Not only can it include the detailed findings for initial measurement and recommendation, but we can also enable firms to actually build an effective recruitment process. We act as an extension of that firm for as long as we are needed.


legal recruitment services

Recruitment Audit

A bespoke review and analysis of your existing recruitment process with the aim of maximising your firm’s recruitment potential.

Our Services

Both offsite and onsite work alongside your team provides detailed insights and recommendations. BH Consulting aims to become a long-term recruitment extension of your firm.

About Us

Extensive experience across all facets of the legal industry means we are perfectly placed to analyse and improve existing processes, we understand the nuances of the market and the legal landscape, it is not “one size fits all”