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Ben Hirst
Founder of BH Consulting

Having held senior recruitment roles within London law firms and specialist recruitment agencies for the past 15 years, Ben is ideally suited to advising clients on the best way to maximise their recruitment potential. 

He has worked across Magic Circle, international and new model firms and understands that no two firms are alike in their culture, ambitions or strategy.

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Proven track record

The partners at the firm felt that they were not seeing

a) enough candidates

b) the quality of candidate they wanted to see from their recruitment efforts. 

BH Consulting reviewed their online presence, job advertisements, online careers pages and each of their channels to the market to analyse why this may have been the case.  It was also important to recognise and manage partner expectations as they may not have a balanced view of the market from their positions within a firm. 

We recommended and produced rewritten job advertising, made recommendations around use of social media from a recruitment perspective, advised on and produced a more current job specification template and finally spent time with recruitment partners discussing their objective when recruiting and advised on some of the challenges faced by all firms.  This context allowed the HR team and fee-earning partners to approach recruitment in a more collaborative and understanding way.

Following feedback that the firm’s interview process was outdated and inconsistent we undertook a full review and analysis of the existing elements in place.  By observing interviews, reviewing and rewriting interview templates to include competency-based questions, producing interview feedback pro forma and coaching interviewers to address unconscious bias we were able to develop a modern, inclusive and consistent process resulting in a more positive candidate experience, smoother internal process and an increase in successful recruitment outcomes.

The client firm advised that their PSL (Preferred Supplier List) of recruitment agencies had become unwieldy and out of control, the number of agencies on the list was in excess of 70.  We worked with the firm to analyse quantitative and qualitative data around the performance of each agency and produced and oversaw a survey of each agency to gauge their understanding and commitment to the firm. 

Upon completion of the analysis, we recommended the firm reduce their PSL to just 10 agencies, resulting in more committed recruiters, better quality candidates and a reduction of time wasted by the recruitment team. 

The client reported that the firm was losing candidates between interview and offer.  They also felt that the onboarding process used to bring new hires into the firm was inconsistent, time consuming and prone to inaccuracies.  Reviewing data provided by the recruitment team it became apparent that the offer process was disjointed and inefficient with multiple stages and internal hurdles to navigate, in a competitive market this was putting the firm at a disadvantage. It was important to recognise why these were in place before recommending a smoother process. 

The onboarding process was again cumbersome and lacking in internal ownership, again recommendations were made and BH Consulting then drafted a new process map and onboarding materials for the firm.

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