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Specialist consultancy for law firms

Professional recruitment services

An extension of your team

At BH Consulting, every client experience begins with a bespoke audit and we take a tailored approach to each firm. This deep dive review includes an outline report detailing every area of the process and highlights areas for improvement/development. It provides a platform for the firm to move forward, maximising its recruitment potential.  We are also able to offer clients ongoing strategic support in order to help firms successfully recruit the talent they need in the future.

We become an extension of your existing team, advising on future processes, producing recruitment collateral and materials and in some cases embedding our team within your firm to manage ongoing recruitment on your behalf.

recruitment consultancy for law firms

A tailored recruitment approach to your law firm’s needs

Inclusive Recruitment Audit

Prices start from £5,000*

*Each audit is assessed and quoted individually depending on a firm’s size, number of hires per annum and the number of days required onsite.

We offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation that will enable us to access your needs and how we could help you.

recruitment consultancy for law firms

Strategic Advisory Services

recruitment consultancy for law firms

We order a range of options with regards to follow up consultation and we will work with your firm to determine where our expertise can add the most value. Some of these areas include:

Advisory services are charged at £2,000 per day.