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Recruitment audit

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Auditing your recruitment process should be part of your strategy

Why consider a recruitment audit?

It’s time to understand what works, what doesn’t and how to improve

Partners and HR teams are looking for fast, cost effective and, above all, successful recruitment. However, the process can often be slow, time consuming and expensive.

Law firms that recruit successfully often follow a similar pattern of behaviour, they have smooth processes, positive interactions with candidates at all stages, clear and transparent communication and move quickly and efficiently.

These things can be easier said than done, especially where a firm is busy, partners are snowed under with client work and the HR team are not experienced in dealing with recruitment.

Firms that fail to review their recruitment model regularly are likely to be repeating poor practice, wasting money and alienating candidates.

Develop an effective recruitment process

What is a recruitment audit?

The purpose of a recruitment audit is to provide impartial insight into current and potential recruitment strategies allowing the firm to make informed decisions about their recruitment process going forward.

Our audit focuses on 10 key areas;

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